Kimberly Caso owner of kinetic intense motion


Kimberly Caso is the owner and the personal trainer for Kinetic Intense Movement. The birth of Kinetic Intense Movement really began in 2007 when Kimberly was pregnant with her son. During this period of time she was overweight which was an ongoing issue for 15 years. She was addicted to food, depressed, hopeless, couldn’t make decisions, and had giving up on herself. She was concerned that her son would see her overeating and overweight, and she wanted to set an example for him. She decided that after the pregnancy she would lose the weight. During her pregnancy she started to read self-help books which help her be a more positive person by taking control of her thoughts. In 2008, she started working out at home and started to improve her diet, and by 2010 she had lost 100lbs. In that same year, she decided to go to local fitness gyms to learn more and to improve her physical conditioning. She also hired a personal trainer. Kimberly slowly began to see the physical and the mental transformation. She is now disciplined, happy, energetic, confident, and has the ability to take control of her life. In 2012, she felt she was ready to help others the way she had helped herself, but she had to wait because she needed to get her finances together and because of an injury she suffered in June 2013 while playing dodgeball. She had surgery for a meniscus tear and decided not to get surgery for her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury but instead strengthened the muscles around the injured area. By October 2014, she felt her knee was ready for rigorous activities again. In June 2014 while waiting for her knee to improve, she started taking classes in the physical fitness field, because she was now more than determine to pursue a career in this field. In April 2015, she received her Zumba Certificate, her group exercise certificate, and her personal trainer certificate from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). In 2014, she enrolled in the National Academy of Sports and Medicine to further her education.  Finally on June 15, 2015 her dream of helping others finally became a reality when she established Kinetic Intense Movement in Yonkers, NY and launched her website.